«There are no superior or inferior race – all people are equal by nature!»

N.N. Miklouho-Maclay
We organize research expeditions, support and encourage scientific research and promote humanistic ideas envisioned by N.N. Miklouho-Maclay. Our mission – preserving traditions, cultivating respect for cultures and values of the world’s peoples.

The Foundation purposes:

To organize regular interaction between Russia and Papua New Guinea in the fields of science and culture.
To spread ethnographical, geographical and historical knowledge.
To cultivate respect for representatives of all nationalities, cultures and religions.
To spread knowledge about Russian, Soviet and Russian travelers, scientists and researchers.
To conduct scientific and practical conferences, seminars and exhibitions around the world.
To support and organize expeditions related to history, ethnography and archeology throughout the world.
To create documentary and feature films, photo reports and publications.
To study the peoples of the Russian Federation and help to preserve their cultural identity.

Some projects of the Foundation:

The Foundation today holds many interesting projects, exhibitions and events. You can get acquainted with the details in the section “Our projects”. Below we want to present you the most relevant. For details, just click on the project name.

The educational project «Russia and Oceania in the XIX-XXI centuries» relates to natural science and ethnographic investigations of Russian scientists and travelers in Oceania. It includes the organization and holding of exhibitions, video projections, lectures and it’s targeted to secondary-school-age and high-school-age students. The project targets the student’s mind broadening; it will describe to our younger generation about our compatriots’ achievements in the exploration of the South Seas region, about the Russian names of geographical objects in Oceania.

Top News

“Miklouho-Maclay XXI century. Maclay Coast” expedition.

The first in the modern Russian history research expedition on the trail of the famous traveler, scientist and humanist Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay took place. Now, it’s history. The detailed results of the expedition and the diaries of its participants will be published soon on the website. We are glad to share the story about this fascinating journey and the most vivid impressions.