In May 2019, in the largest cities of Papua New Guinea (Madang, Port Moresby) the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation team will hold a number of events aimed at the development of economic, cultural, humanitarian and business relationship between our countries.

6 may


Today, on May 6, at the invitation of Madang province Governor, Nickolyi Miklouho-Maclay visited the Government building, where he shared the plans of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation in humanitarian and cultural spheres.
The Governor expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for its activities and offered cooperation on the Government level, sending a letter of appeal to the Government of the Russian Federation on the readiness to establish bilateral relations in all directions.
After that, Nickolay Nikolaevich visited the Museum of Madang, where he gave an album from Okulovka (the birthplace of Mikloukho-Maclay Sr.) and books – Russian fairy tales in English, which would become a part of the Museum’s collection. It should be noted that the first that you hear entering the Madang Museum is the story of the Great Russian traveler who visited this region 150 years ago.
A business meeting with the Administration of the Divine Word University in Madang was held. The parties agreed to establish the Russian Cabinet in December 2019. Also, the 36-minute documentary film “THE MAN FROM THE MOON”, as well as several videos about the journey of the New Guinea delegation to Russia in 2018 at the invitation of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation, were showed to the students and teachers during the meet at the University.

7 may


The Miklouho-Maclay Foundation team began this day in Madang witnessing an earthquake. In the morning, there were quakes, because of which even the glasses fell and broke! Madang residents reacted to this calmly, because earthquake for them is a usual phenomenon. In General, New Guinea and the surrounding Islands are the zone of high seismicity and earthquakes are not rare in this region.
Later, the team flew to the capital of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, where they held a meeting with the students and academic staff at the University of Port Moresby. During the meeting, Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay told about the expedition 2019 to the Maclay Coast and about the plans of the Foundation. Later, the leaders discussed the opening of the Russian Cabinet at the University in December 2019.

8 may


The capital of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea continues to change and turns into a big beautiful city!
Miklouho-Maclay Foundation started preparing the event “RUSSIA – PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Cooperation perspectives”, which will be held on May 13, 2019 in Port Moresby. Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay met with Rio Fiocco, the Director of the Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, having figured out the main areas of cooperation; with Hon. Wera Mori, the Minister for Commerce and Industry of Papua New Guinea, in order to identify the main areas in which Russian companies can work; with Hon. Soroi Eoe, the Minister for Community Development, Youth & Religion, in order to interact with the population in all regions of Papua New Guinea and get support at all levels.

9-10 may


May 9-10 were very busy and important for the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation delegation. Preparation for the upcoming event “RUSSIA – PAPUA NEW GUINEA: cooperation perspectives” runs at full steam. During these days, they held important meetings with: Minister for Commerce and Industry of Papua New Guinea Wera Mori; Vice-President of the State Company “Kumul Petroleum” Wapu Rodney Sonk; and Barbara Age, the Head of the Department Foreign Affairs for bilateral relations for the American region and the Russian Federation.

11 may


Today, an Agreement on the opening of the Russian Cabinet at the University of Papua New Guinea was signed in Port Moresby. The opening is scheduled for December 2019. The Agreement was signed by Professor Betty Lovai, the representative of the University of Papua New Guinea. The objectives of the Russian Cabinet are to attract local people to the history and culture of Russia, the study of the Russian language and literature. Students, teachers and everyone will be provided with free access to all necessary information, distance education, the modern computer audio and video equipment in the University.
It should be noted that the Director of the Cabinet will be Olga temple, linguist, lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea, formerly studied at the Moscow State University and speaks Russian well.
Miklouho-Maclay Foundation and the University of Papua New Guinea implemented many successful joint projects, in particular, the exhibition project “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” in Russia, a joint issue of the popular science publication “Journey to the Maclay Coast” in English, participation in the SPIEF 2018, the implementation of the President of the Russian Federation program “New generation”, due to which the first visit of a delegation from Papua New Guinea happened in the contemporary history of Russia.

13 may


A business meeting entitled “Russia – Papua New Guinea: perspectives of cooperation” was held on May 13, 2019, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, organized by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and industry, “Maclay Investments” Company, with participation of the Business community of Papua New Guinea.
The meeting was opened by the Director of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation for Preservation of Ethnocultural Heritage, Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay, who underlined the historical significance of this event that marks a new phase in the bilateral economic relations between our two nations. He then gave the floor to the Ambassador of Russia, Lyudmila Vorobieva, who gave her opening remarks and pointed out the following: The APEC Summit held in November 2018 was a great success. Within the framework of the Summit, a number of substantive talks took place, in which participants debated pertinent issues. The Ambassador thanked Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay for hosting the meeting and vigorous efforts towards strengthening partnership in Papua New Guinea.
I would like to point out that we are moving our agenda forward on a stable and progressive basis, and this meeting represents the result of prior agreements. The Ambassador drew the attention to the fact that the work on facilitating the mutual exemption from visa requirements is underway, which is bound to increase the tourist flow from Russia. Papua New Guinea is a country which has immense economic potential, being one of the leading exporters of tea, coffee, spices, seafood, and cocoa beans.
With regards to the educational and humanitarian spheres, there already exist certain objectives we are willing to act upon: namely, student exchange programs that will allow PNG students to study in Russia, and the construction of a hospital in Madang.
The Ambassador also noted that Russia is a Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member, which united more than 200 mln consumers, and by entering the Russian market one enters the market of 200 mln people.
The Director of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation then took the floor and presented the Foundation’s key goals, the principal one being the facilitation of bilateral relations between Russia and Papua New Guinea. Over the last 2 years, the Foundation, in conjunction with its partners from Russia and PNG, mounted over 35 exhibitions, released a documentary ‘The Man from the Moon’ narrating the history of relations between Russia and PNG, organized the visit of the first delegation of university lecturers and young diplomats from PNG to Russia to acquaint them with Russian culture. The Foundation also launched two researched expeditions to the north-western part of the country, published the book «A Journey to the Maclay Coast» and hosted a variety of other cultural events that were attended or watched by more than 10 million people. All this, undoubtedly, has the most beneficial impact on our bilateral relations. We continue to discover something new about each other’s culture and history, despite the fact that our historical bonds were forged as far back as 150 years ago during the first visit of N. Miklouho-Maclay to PNG. We cherish and preserve our friendly relations despite geographical distanes, and are guided by the humanistic principles and respect for other peoples – these are the ideals promoted by our Foundation. We are happy to witness our cultural and scientific relations enter a whole new level, where plans on economic cooperation are getting shaped and implemented. I am pleased to note that the Foundation has become a driving force of these relations and has already received requests to do business on behalf of Russian companies with their PNG partners in such industry sectors and gold mining and oil & gas recovery and processing.
Following the speech by N. Miklouho-Maclay, a financial markets analyst, Dmitry Kumanovskiy, who outlined the prospects for economic cooperation between Russia and PNG. In particular, Russia introduces customs duty concessions for unroasted (0%) and roasted and packaged coffee import (10%) as a measure of support of developing countries, which represents a great business opportunity for Papua New Guineans. The analyst then pointed out the benefits of Russian meat supplies to PNG at the costs several times lower than the wholesale prices. Dmitry also noted that Russia is willing to assist Papua New Guinea in mineral exploration and guarantee mutually beneficial partnership in oil & gas sector. The expert added that through entering the Russian market PNG will be able to access all EAEU markets.
The CEO of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce Industry, Stacey O’Nea, then took the floor and pointed out that the POMCCI has been protecting the interests of the business community for 95 years. The APEC Summit became an impetus for building bilateral relationships. On behalf of the POMCCI, Ms O’Nea expressed gratitude to the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation and pledged their willingness to cooperate with the Foundation, which is committed to undertake energetic efforts towards shared goals. Ms O’Nea then noted that Papua New Guinea is a country of untapped potential and rich in natural resources, at true “island of gold floating in the sea of oil”. The speaker also underlined that the inauguration of Honorary Consuls in both countries will give further momentum to the fruitful economic collaboration, with positive outcomes to be seen in the short-term perspective.
After the presentations and speeches given by keynote speakers, Darren J. Young, managing director of Kumul Consolidated Holdings, took the floor. He expressed interest in doing business with Russian companies identifying priority areas of common interest: fisheries, LNG projects, mining and minerals extraction, IT technologies in medicine, tourism.
Upon the completion of the meeting, Kumul Petroleum, acting on behalf of its managing director, Wapu Sonk, presented the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation with an official request for assistance in organizing negotiations with representatives of Russian oil & gas companies. The director of the Foundation then accepted the letter from the Governor of Madang to the Russian government, which indicated his readiness to foster collaboration with Russia in the region of historical significance. Following the visit of the Foundation representatives to Papua New Guinea, agreements were signed for the establishments of “Russian corners” (centers of culture) in Port-Moresby and Magang, one of which was signed conjointly with the National Library and Archives of Port Moresby during the official signing ceremony at the end of the meeting.
The participants of the meeting agreed that such events are a unique opportunity to strike new partnerships while engaging in a frank and open discussion.

14 may


On May 14, a meeting was held at the University of Papua New Guinea on the invitation of the Rector Frank Griffin with participation of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Indonesia and concurrently to the Republic of Kiribati, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, and the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation Director. The round table conference was attended by the leadership of the University and the participants of the delegation from Papua New Guinea, the first in the contemporary history of Russia, which took place in October 2018 on the invitation of the Foundation.
The University and the Foundation have a long-standing partnership: together the published the book “Journey to the Maclay Coast”, a representative of the University, linguist Olga Temple, took part in the expedition 2019, joint exhibitions were held. As a result, they plan to open the “Russian Cabinet” at the University in December 2019.
The Rector of the University emphasized that the visit of the Russian Ambassador to the University is a Great honor and expressed readiness for cooperation. Lyudmila Vorobieva also offered to organize cooperation with Russian Universities in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok and planned her speech at the University of Papua New Guinea in December as a lecturer to speak about Russia in the modern world. The Ambassador also noted that one of the undeniable advantages of education in Russia is its high quality, on the one hand, and accessibility, in comparison with other European countries, on the other.
Alan Robson spoke the next. He closely cooperates with the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation and has already visited Saint-Petersburg four times. He introduced information about Russia in his course of lectures as a strategically important player (according to his words) in the Pacific region.
The exhibition “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” was previously transferred by the Foundation and now adorns the Michael Somare Library. The exhibition and the place for the “Russian Cabinet” were demonstrated to the Russian delegation.

15 – 16 may


A meeting was held at the University of Papua New Guinea with participation of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation Director, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Indonesia and concurrent to the Republic of Kiribati, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Lyudmila Vorobieva, and Hon. Wera Mori, MP, the Minister for Commerce & Industry of Papua New Guinea.

In Port Moresby, the capital of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the largest law firm in Papua New Guinea “Dentons Lawyers” for the purpose of legal support of Russian companies.