The Miklouho-Maclay Foundation with its mission “Preservation of traditions and fostering respect for the cultures of the peoples of the world” sets and successfully implements the main tasks in its activities, such as:

  • Organization of regular interaction between Russia and Papua New Guinea in science and culture.
  • Spreading of ethnographical, geographical and historical knowledge.
  • Cultivation of respect for representatives of all nationalities, cultures and religions.
  • Spreading knowledge about Russian, Soviet and Russian travelers, scientists and researchers.
  • Conduction of scientific and practical conferences, seminars and exhibitions around the world.
  • Support and conduct expeditions related to history, ethnography and archeology throughout the world.
  • Creation of documentary and feature films, photo reports and publications based on the materials of the events.
  • Studying the peoples of the Russian Federation and assistance for preservation of their cultural identity.

Here you can watch the presentation of the main projects of 2018 and plans for 2019

Miklouho-Maclay Jr. visits Yevgeny Primakov in the “Global review” TV program with a story about the expedition “Miklouho-Maclay XXI century. Maclay Coast”. November 10, 2017, Russia 24 TV Channel, “Global review” TV program with Yevgeny Primakov based on the materials of the expedition “Miklouho-Maclay XXI century. Maclay Coast”.

“THE MAN FROM THE MOON” film is dedicated to the Great scientist and humanist, fearless traveler, “Citizen of the world”. You will have a chance to see a unique trip to the Maclay Coast in Papua New Guinea conducted by the great-grandnephew and full namesake from Russia. The short video will show a little you of the full film “THE MAN FROM THE MOON”, which is going to be premiered on November 15, 2018, at 18:30 at the International Cultural Forum in Saint-Petersburg.

Nickolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay about the international project “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” which harmoniously combines an exhibition of photographs taken during a unique expedition to Papua New Guinea on the trail of the Great Russian scientist Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay, lectures and videos in the “OTRajenie” TV program, live on 25.09.2018.

The film was shot in honor of the 170th birthday of Nicolas Miklouho-Maсlay and was based on an exhibition at the Russian Geographical Society (RGO) in 2016. The film was shot by a descendant and a full namesake Nicolas Miklouho-Maсlay, director of the Miklouho-Maсlay Foundation of Ethnocultural Heritage Preservation.

Historic visit. A delegation from Papua New Guinea arrived in Saint-Petersburg. Five of them are scientists, public figures, academics interested in strengthening and developing business and public relations with Russia. They are 25 to 35 years old. The staff of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation, who organized the visit, prepared an extensive program for Papua New Guineans. One of the main tasks is to introduce the culture of our country. For two centuries, the people of New Guinea are interested in what a distant country, from where the legendary Miklouho-Maclay came, looks like. The program of the visit includes visiting places where Miklouho-Maclay lived, studied and worked. Meetings are also planned in the Russian National Library with an aim of starting cooperation with the National Library of Papua New Guinea, as well as with the University of Economics. The parties want to develop tourism programs and students exchange. The visit to Saint-Petersburg will last almost a week, then they are going to visit Moscow.