Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history.

The International project “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history”, developed by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation for the Preservation of Ethnocultural Heritage” with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation and partners, harmoniously combines an exhibition of photographs taken during a unique expedition to Papua New Guinea on the trail of the great Russian scientist Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay and the copies of historical drawings by the great traveler. It is also important that the lecture program and the film “The Lgacy of Miklouho-Maclay” screening are an integral part of the project, which makes it possible to communicate and involve the audience in the process of learning.

We are ready to provide educational institutions with the magazine “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” for free. To order the magazine send a request to our e-mail info@mikluho-maclay.ru. In the letter, specify the contact details and the number of copies. You can look inside the journal right now!

About the “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” project.

For the first time the pilot project was presented with a great success at the Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum in 2017 and received a numerous invitations from all over the country to demonstrate the unique video and photo materials. The interest is clear – for many decades in the Soviet Union Miklouho-Maclay was a symbol of humanism, fearlessness and selfless service to the Fatherland.


His ideas, scientific research works and struggle for the Independence of the indigenous people of the New Guinea island contributed to the slave trade termination and to suspend the oppression of the black New Guinea population.

No wonder, in 1996, in honor of the 150th anniversary, our compatriot was titled as “Citizen of the World” by UNESCO. Many books have been written about Miklouho-Maclay. A six-volume edition of his works has been published. The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology in Moscow was named after Miklouho-Maclay, because he was the first to draw an attention to the importance of the scientific discipline Ethnography. The birthday of Nikolay Miklouho-Maclay, July 17, ethnographers (ethnologists) celebrate as their professional holiday.

None of this happened by accident — more than one generation was brought up on the example of the Miklouho-Maclay’s personality. He has always been a good example of selfless service to the Fatherland, an example of fearlessness of and respect to people of any nationality and religion.

First of all, with the project “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” we want to perpetuate the memory of the great scientist and traveler, to give a positive example for the younger generation, to expand the boundaries of knowledge in history and geography, to attract to research activities, to show how exciting it is.

We have held a number of events in schools, gymnasiums and universities in Russia and abroad, organized exhibitions attractive to the youth; we are in the process of making another documentary film. Now our project is fully formed and ready to start implementation throughout Russia. We invite partners to implement our plans.